Why does fundraising, even for a mission you believe in, feel uncomfortable?

People often find themselves reluctant to ask for money or gritting their teeth to get through the conversation.  Whether it is fear of rejection, discomfort with talking about money, or lack of practice in making an ask, regardless how deeply you believe in the mission of your organization and are committed to its success, fundraising just doesn't feel fun.  But it can be.  It can be a painless, natural and, in fact, enjoyable conversation.  Whether you are a non-profit executive, school director, organization leader, or board member, you can become fearless in fundraising.  Let's work together.


    Board Development

    Board members are an under-utilized resource - often the best validators of your organization. They are already giving something even greater than money to your endeavor, their time and expertise, but feel uncomfortable  tapping their networks, making introductions, and asking their friends and colleagues to make a contribution.  


    Engage board members as fundraisers and help them feel at ease about making asks. 



    Fundraising Coaching

    One to One Executive Coaching to transform your own approach to fundraising, empower your staff, volunteers and board members to become confident in their fundraising skills, and create a new organizational ethos for fundraising. 


    Leverage your unique strengths and develop your skills to become a more effective fundraiser and inspire others.


    Strategy Consulting

    Partner with board members and executives to identify prospects, match donor interest with current projects, prepare for meetings, accompany on donor visits, structure solicitations, brainstorm about next steps with individual donors or craft comprehensive development plans.


    Approach solicitations creatively and make the most of in person meetings with donors.